Beef, received from the cattle of meat breeds, is considered to be the most valuable meat, especially veal, which is tender and dietary.

Our work is guided by high quality standards. We offer you only the best.

We buy livestock only from the reliable providers. Every animal is being checked according to the EuroCommerce criteria. Among them there are the following: absence of diseases, being well fed and maintained, age, adherence to the veterinary norms.

We offer our clients not only beef half-carcasses or quarters. We can also provide different parts of the carcass (which was processed with adherence to all sanitary norms) such as tenderloin, sirloin, brisket, shoulder blade, chuck, steak, round, bones and cutlet meat.

There are beef by-products in our assortment: liver, tongue, kidneys, heart, tails, lungs, heads, brain, feet, ears etc. For our clients we are ready to carry out orders of any volume!

You can buy fresh beef as well as chilled or frozen. To preserve the quality of our products we created a number of chilling shops and shock freezing cameras.

We can guarantee to our clients timely delivery of their orders, because our motor pool is equipped with special vehicles and refrigerators for transporting meat products to any region of Ukraine!

Cooperation with our company is your guarantee of comprehensive support and always qualitative products!