National livestock complexes breed healthy livestock. Entrepreneurs sell meat products and keep to all the necessary norms. Everything is done for the sake of tasty and qualitative meat to be always at the Ukrainian tables. The EuroCommerce company plays the key role in this chain.

What is the essence of our work?

Our work is to supply fresh, chilled and frozen meat and meat products. It goes about pork, chicken, beef and different by-products (lungs, hearts, kidneys, ears, fat).

We select animals for slaughter on our own. We strictly follow the veterinary norms. As the result, we can guarantee to our partners the highest quality of the products and their adherence to the European norms.

No restrictions for the volume of order!

Client’s comfort is our priority. Because of this we work both with small (5-6 pig carcasses per week) and big orders (50-60 tons of meat per day for a single client).

Modern equipment (BANSS, Germany) and highly powerful slaughter line (120 head of livestock per hour) allow us to provide high quality service!

Clear separation of duties is the key to success!

Our company works neatly, as a Swiss watch. A separate shop is created for every stage of meat processing (before-slaughtery shop, primary processing shop, by-products shop, fat and intestinal shops). Apart from them, the chilling shop (here meat and by-products are chilled) and the shock freezing camera (the temperature here is -35°C) are functioning.

Every process is under control, a separate specialist is responsible for every action, thus, our work is perfectly coordinated!

For the timely delivery, we have our own motor pool!

For entrepreneurs the timely delivery is of the same importance as the quality of products. Having understood this we created our own motor pool on the basis of the EuroCommerce company. It includes modern cars and equipment (refrigerators, cars for transporting meat products and livestock).

Qualified logistics, managers and drivers work on the delivery of your order. It allows us to guarantee you the delivery of the highest quality meat and by-products in the shortest terms!

Explore our factory in 3D !