European quality!

Eurocommerce is the first urkanian company that have established S.E.U.R.O.P. pork classification system.
SEUROP is European classification system that provides percentage of lean meat. Every letter shows grade of meat: S – “superior”, E – “excellent”, U – “very good”, R – “good”, О – “fair”, P – “poor”.

According to SEUROP, here are percentages of lean meat for pork sides:

S — 60% and more; E — 55-59.9%; U — 50-54.9%; R — 45-49.9%; O — 40-44.9%; P — 40% and less


The key line of EuroCommerce activities is the pig slaughter for producing pork, meat products in elements and by-products.

We select animals according to the following criteria: adherence to the veterinary and sanitary norms, absence of diseases, meat breeds, healthy appearance, being well fed and maintained.

We do not risk our excellent reputation and buy livestock only at the approved farms. Our own motor pool and the existence of vehicles, equipped for transporting animals, allow us to take care of the pig delivery from a farm to the pre-slaughter shop.

The assortment of our products is very wide. We receive orders for pork most frequently. We sell half-carcasses as well as parts (brisket, ham, shoulder blades, rump, sirloin, hock etc.). It should be noted that qualified butchers and technologists control the adherence to norms and the precise process of cutting meat.

We also sell by-products – pig ears, feet, hearts, liver, lungs, heads, kidneys, leather, snouts, tails and fat (solid and back fat).

One of the greatest advantages of cooperation with our company is that you can order large volumes of products and we can deliver them to almost any part of the globe.