High quality service is an indicator of company’s level. That is why we are constantly developing. We try to prove European quality of our products by every order and offer our clients comprehensive support.


Comfortable order in facts and figures

It is highly important for us to meet the needs of every entrepreneur. For this reason, we try to accept orders of any type and volume.

We provided the EuroCommerce company with modern German equipment (BANSS) and powerful slaughter line (120 heads of livestock per hour – up to 1000 heads of livestock per shift). It allows us to provide our clients with up to 4 tons of meat per day!

Usually we work with big wholesale orders. However, if you are an owner of a small shop and you need 5-6 pork half-carcasses, we will execute this order.

There are no limitations concerning the type of order. Do you need a ton of beef chuck? We can do it!

Our «transport» advantages

Not every farmer has ability to bring livestock or poultry to EuroCommerce. For this purpose, one needs specially equipped transport and qualified drivers. Their absence should not obstruct selling healthy and well bred animals! That is why we created our own transporting enterprise.

Our modern motor pool has special vehicles for transporting animals, food products and complex cargo, as well as refrigerators.

Qualified managers, drivers and logistics are involved in providing transporting services. It allows us to deliver every order on time and work with entrepreneurs from any places in Ukraine.

How do we understand quality?

When it goes about production of food products, there are no minor aspects. For this reason, every stage of meat processing in our company is under strict control. A qualified specialist is responsible for every cut.

Livestock and poultry – only approved, having undergone veterinary and sanitary control. Instruments and rooms – only modern and aseptic. Slaughter – only according to the sanitary norms. Employees – only qualified and responsible. Products – only fresh and healthy. This is how we understand high quality service!

Quality control


In order to improve quality control and on demand of the customer in the area of independence of product quality assessment, we cooperate with the leading companies: SGS and Bureau Veritas. This guarantees the quality and safety of our products and your confidence in cooperation with us.